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Purye Clothing has been established in 2017 by two friends - Niklas and Jon.

"Fashion and clothing has always been close to our hearts. We always wanted to work with clothes and textiles, and thought that recycled sails would be a perfect solution for that. Pretty soon we noticed that our friends and family liked what we were doing, and we started to take our idea a bit more seriously." - Jon Hautamäki

In 2021 Jon got a job offer in Helsinki. Because his new job was so time consuming, he had to leave the company.

Today Purye Clothing is ran by Niklas and Emil, two childhood friends who are used to work with each other in several different contexts. 

The name Purye is inspired from the Finnish word Purje, and stands for "sail". 

Purye Clothing gives old sails a second life.

We heard that sails that cannot be used in sailing, are being dumped. Even when the material is clean and in a good shape, it gets thrown away - only because it’s no longer being used for its initial purpose. We saw this as a great opportunity for waste optimization on a local scale.  

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Today we’re producing different kinds of products of recycled sails, including tote bags, weekend bags and toilet bags. Each sail comes with a rough texture, thanks to the hundreds of hours spent in exposure to sun, wind and salt water. These factors imbue each product of Purye Clothing with something special.  

When we get an idea for a piece of clothing or accessory, we sketch a picture of it and pass on the details to our designer/seamster, Janne. We are in a great relationship with him and his workers, which helps us to get exactly the product we have in mind. 

All our products are handmade in a small factory in Sastamala. When they are ready, they get embroidered by us here in Turku. 

We are always open to new ideas, and strive to fulfill the needs of our customers. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have something in mind!

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