Purye Clothing is a clothing company based in Turku, Finland.


The word ''Purye'' comes from the word ''purje'' which is the finnish word for ''sail'' in english.

Purye Clothing is about designing and creating garments out of recycled sails, hence the name Purye (sail). 

We aim to combine one of our favourite textiles with timeless designs. The material comes with its own personality and rough feel, and we love to enhance it whenever and wherever we can.

The sails that we use have all been hand-picked in Finland, and they all carry their own story. We like to think the story continues with our creations.

Every product is one of a kind. Embroideries and seams are triple checked before handed out to customers.

All products are designed and handled by us here in Turku.

Out now.

- Jon & Niklas, Purye Clothing