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Purye x Kirami, FinVision Experience – Toilet Bag

As Finns, we think sauna is an important part of our everyday life. We fell in love with Kiramis new saunas and thought that our Toilet Bag would be a perfect match with their products. Kirami, the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, were happy to work with us.

Today, we have already sold The Purye x Kirami - FinVision Experience, Toilet Bags to customers in several different countries in Europe. 

Psst... Legend says that one of our bags was sent to a well known celebrity in Monaco as well... 

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Handmade in Finland, as always.

Kirami FinVision Experience Washbag is a unique collaboration with Kirami. 

These bags, likewise, as all our products, are handmade in Finland out of recycled sailing materials - in combination with a small piece of upcycled leather. Every single bag is unique and carefully handpicked out of re-used sails. The embroidery is done by us here in Turku. 

Kirami Toiletry bag will always keep your sauna accessories organized and accessible.

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What is FinVision Experience and how did it come about? 

“We feel that Kirami FinVision Experience reflects the essence of what Kirami products are about: sensations, pleasures, experiences. The starting point for the design of the logo was the idea of having the graphical style convey naturalness, enjoyment of life and genuineness, all of which are part of Kirami’s DNA."

"The Kirami FinVision text is styled in accordance with the Kirami brand, complemented with the word ‘Experience’ in a cursive-like font at a slight angle. The font and its forward-leaning shape in italics, as well as its slightly diagonal positioning, reflect a human touch, freedom, carefreeness and creativity. Life is here and now, and we must be able to enjoy it. The full stop at the end symbolizes an uncompromising attitude. Kirami always stands by its promises.”


Sauna Factory

We also got a chance to pay a visit to the sauna factory in Sastamala, Finland.

During our trip to the factory, we learned much more about saunas and how they are produced. We saw many different sauna models and were surprised that everything was handmade from scratch. 

Take a look at some pictures from the factory at Kirami: