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Embroidery: Video


Use your imagination

To make it easier for our customers to get their own design on our bags we decided to start our own small embroidery business. 

Back in the days, we used to take a large amount of bags to a local embroidery company at once. Since a lot of customers want to personalize their bags, this got a bit challenging, since our inventories often consisted of products with predetermined logos. In other words, if someone wanted a product with their name on it, they had to wait several weeks to get it. 

We prioritize special orders, which is why we had to come up with new solutions. We invested in an own embroidery machine and software.

After several long nights of training and many mistakes, we feel that we have become quite good at our job. We are happy with our change of strategy, since we´re now able to provide specialized products faster than ever. 

Now it´s up to you how you want your bag to look like - use your imagination!

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