The perfect travel gear.

We heard that some of our friends (Laura & Henrietta) were planning a trip to Lofoten, Norway. We knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for us to both test our products in a quite demanding environment, and to get some cool pictures in the spectacular Norwegian landscape.

Read more about Laura and Henrietta's trip to Norway - a successful trip to say the least!



We had planned a hiking trip to Lofoten for many years. Finally this year, we decided to execute our plans and explore the unique and versatile Norwegian nature. 

Our journey was planned to go through the whole Lofoten islands, so that we could see every part of the archipelago in Lofoten.

Fortunately our timetable was quite relaxed, which gave us the opportunity to visit every village in the area without a rush. The main idea with our trip however, was to hike as many mountains as possible.  

Altogether, we saw eight different mountains, and it was really surprising to see how different the views were.

- Laura Westerlund & Henrietta Meriö



When hearing about the plans of making a trip to Lofoten, we saw it as an excellent opportunity for us to get our products tested. The functionality of our products finally got real-world tested in a really demanding terrain. 

Two Purye Toilet Bags and a Small Bag with the Norwegian flag embroidered on them, travelled all the way to the Lofoten islands.


Feedback from Laura and Henrietta

The Purye products were in daily use on our trip. The Small Bag was really handy, especially when visiting the villages. Our daily belongings fitted perfectly in the bag, and it was easy to carry around. There were plenty of room in the bag, for our groceries as well. On top of that, we felt proud to have a trendy looking, eco-friendly product that was handmade in our home country! 

Our Toilet Bags followed us literally everywhere. Thanks to the large size of the bags, we always had our accessories organised in one place. The large leather-handles were useful when carrying the bags from a place to another. 

Thanks for giving us a helping hand guys! 

- Laura Westerlund & Henrietta Meriö