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The Cooler Bag

Last year, we received multiple requests to produce a product that could keep your drinks and food cold. We liked the idea. What could be better than a bag that keeps your drinks ice-cold when heading to the archipelago in the hot summer days?

We listened

We have been working the whole winter to make a product that would satisfy us and our customers. We believe that the hard work finally paid off. The Cooler Bag turned out better than we had ever expected!

Release day

We wanted to make the new product-release as special as possible, which is why we started looking for interesting companies that could match their products with our Cooler Bag. Jungle Juice Bar was one of the first companies that we thought of – what could be a better match than refreshing smoothies in a recycled cooler bag with a trendy look?

When collaborating, we always look for companies who share our values and are spreading positive energy. JJB is all about good vibes and all their products are handmade from scratch in their bars!

We contacted Jungle Juice Bar and they replied immediately – they were in! 

Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Projects
Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Look Book

The collaboration

We agreed that we would produce a bag with the Jungle juice bar logo embroidered on it, which we would then later raffle off to a lucky winner. Besides that, Jungle Juice Bar sponsored us some refreshing smoothies that we used in our sunny photoshoot in Ruissalo. Our personal favorites were Flamingo and Green frog! What´s your favorite juice? 

Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Text
Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Pro Gallery

The photoshoot was definitely a day to remember, and it turned out good, didn’t it? 

It is really hard to come up with a better way of introducing our cooler bag. We are both proud and thankful that Jungle Juice Bar wanted to help us with the product-release and would love to co-operate with them in the future as well! ​

Take a look at some of the pictures from the shooting day:

Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Text
Purye x Jungle Juice Bar: Pro Gallery
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