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Why did the production come to an end?

The year was 2018. We wanted to create something totally different. We succeeded. 

Well, almost… 

We know that we’re not the only company in the world that is producing bags of recycled materials. Therefore, we’re always striving to find new ways to differentiate our business from other companies. We had never seen an anorak made out of recycled sails before, which is why we wanted to give it a try. We contacted a few local seamstresses and put our wise heads together.  

The Anorak: Project


The journey to a good-looking jacket was quite long. We were planning the anorak for ages, and made a few unsuccessful prototypes before, finally, we were satisfied with the result. Without a doubt, the Anorak was one of the most special products we’ve ever created.

The Anorak: Welcome


We noticed quite soon that a jacket made fully out of sailing material, might not be the best option when it’s in use. The material was really noisy and non-breathable, and did not feel comfortable enough after using it for a while. We also discovered that the seams didn't hold up well when the material is so stiff. There were no other options for us than taking the product off sale.

The Anorak was simply not a product that was good in use, even if it looked fantastic. 

The Anorak: Text
The Anorak: Pro Gallery


Nevertheless, ever since we released the Anorak, people have been interested about it. After we left it out of range, we have received many requires to bring it back. We believe that the Anorak is a big reason to that our business attracted attention in the early days, which we are really happy about. 

Maybe we’ll find another way to produce the Anorak in the future?  

The Anorak: Headliner
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