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When in need for help from outsiders, we always strive to find local partners to cooperate with. Fortunately, during the years, we have noticed that we don’t have to look far to find people with the required skills to answer our needs. The designer behind our illustrations, is a perfect example of how we’ve had a huge help of having good friends nearby.

Ayan - Our illustrator: Projects

Ayan Aden

Ayan Aden, a friend who is also a local entrepreneur in Turku, is the mastermind behind most of our beautiful and unique logos and illustrations. Aden, who has a second-hand shop, @Päivitetyt, in the heart of the city, has been a huge help for us, ever since we started our business. 

Every time we send her a new sketch of our ideas, she’s open to fulfil our wishes - logos, comics, posters… there is literally nothing she can´t do!

Take a look at some of our illustrations that are made by Ayan Aden:   

Ayan - Our illustrator: Text
Ayan - Our illustrator: Pro Gallery


- 25 years of age

- From Turku 

- Studies advertising design (art direction) 

- Is an aspiring creative director

- Likes visual arts, Kanye West, football and Taffel chips

Have a look at her projects in more detail here!

Ayan - Our illustrator: About


We think that storytelling is a nice way of marketing a business or a new idea. Telling stories in an interesting way is such a powerful tool to connect deeper to the audience. Whenever we have something new in mind that we want to share with you, we try to make it as creative as possible.  

Together with Ayan, we came up with a brilliant idea to connect with our customers. We started to base our storytelling on funny and colourful comics. These comics were, once again, illustrated by the one and only: Ayan Aden - Take a look:

Ayan - Our illustrator: Welcome

The story behind The Small Bag

Ayan - Our illustrator: Text
Ayan - Our illustrator: Pro Gallery

Purye Clothing - Business model

Ayan - Our illustrator: Text
Ayan - Our illustrator: Pro Gallery
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